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la degustazione delle settimana

23 Agosto
Raffaele has writer's block, so it is up to me to provide humor and information for both my blog and nascondiglio di bacco's blog. My lastest project after curing my third patient in room 8 (another lawn chair repair) was to make a sorbet with our contadino's chili peppers or peperoncini as they are called here. Using my normal base recipe for simple sugar as a base, I cooked 3 - 1 inch hot peppers in the simple sugar for about 15 minutes and then used my sorbet maker to produce an "Icy hot" mixture which I would be very afraid to apply to certain parts of my anatomy.. like my eyes, etc. It was an interesting combination which my Italian guests thought was great. They have family from the southern parts of Italy where spicy foods are relished.
Next I checked the brix levels in the grapes in our little vineyard, and most are ranging from 16-17 which is still too low, but there was one row at 21 which is getting close to ripe and those compact (another word for shriveled) grapes tasted delicious. I think they would make a fine wine, maybe even enough for 2 glasses if you come visit.
We are nearly or completely full through the end of August which is exciting. We stay busy cleaning, cooking and planning. Saturday, we are going to try a tasting menu for the guests with a sparkling wine from the area made from the Passerina grape, a Pecorino which as you recall is the name of a grape variety and a cheese (we will offer 2 of the latter), another cheese made from a mix of cow and sheep's milk, prosciutto from San Daniele, a Rosso Piceno superiore and a secret red from the zone, which I won't reveal until Sunday. As a final touch, Raffaele will make a torte and with it we will offer vino cotto, which is another specialty of Italy (cooked wine)
All for only 20 euros a piece!!!
Tomorrow is actually a rather light day, so I may try to escape the confines of NdB and explore Porto San Giorgio and on the way, I hope to buy the secret wine near Ripatransone.
We are still missing all the rain that seems to fall all around us, and would love to take some of the water from Hurricane Dean for use here. I am using gray water from the kitchen and the shower to water the flowers as an agriturismo with dead plants and flowers is NOT attractive. As I wrote before, it is illegal at present to water with our garden hose with a fine of 500 euros. I hope after we plant the vineyard this fall or winter, we get adequate moisture to support the new plants.
The pictures today are of our mascot Filu who is sorely missed by his grandparents and may have to go back to Ascoli for a couple of weeks to keep them company, a picture of the terrain in the northern Marche in the land of verdicchio and another picture of our grapes.
And now, some more about Nascondiglio di Bacco in English:
In the rooms and reading areas one can find books of all types for your enjoyment or edification. We are also at your service to give advice about activities and events in the region or to arrange an itinerary for you with visits to museums, cities nearby, local wineries or artisans.
Nascondiglio di Bacco offers 8 large comfortable guest rooms. Each room has been redesigned to retain as much of its original characteristics as possibile. This includes brick walls and ceilings and wooden and iron support beams. Some rooms are available with private terraces and/or lofts and all have been comfortably appointed and furnished.
Vistas from every room include scenic hills, olive groves, and vineyards; the majestic Sibilinni mountains and the Monti della Laga are visibile in the south and west.
Each room is aptly named after one of the native grapevines of Italy such as Sangiovese, Pecorino and Montepulciano.
For families and small groups of friends we offer rooms with sofa beds and one room also is available with a small kitchenette.
Each room has a large private bathroom with shower and bidet, individual climate controls for heat and air conditioning and free wireless or cable internet access. Free parking is provided and laundry service is available for a small fee.

And that is all for today, Ciao for now, dds

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