giovedì 23 agosto 2007

il chirurgo dei lettini

Days pass here with not much of excitement happening. I spend most of the mornings working in the kitchen and cleaning or fixing up the guests' rooms and in the afternoon after lunch buy bread for the next day or fruit etc. and the last couple of days spent an hour each day at the beach.
I finally found the winery where they make Kurni which i tried on my bd. Marco was nice enough to let us sample the 2005 while explaining his philosophy of winemaking. He was a great guy and we plan to visit again, and try to learn from our local Jedi master.
Today, having nothing else to do, I decided rather than spend 15 euros (or approximately 21 dollars now) each for new lawn chairs for our terraces; i would instead spend 3 euros for needles and outdoor thread and repair the little buggers myself. I figure a complex repair of this type on a patient would bring in enough money to fly roundtrip to italy, but today i only saved 27 euros... You can see my fine stitching job above,, before and after fotos like the plastics boys (and girls)
For dinner I made a concoction which you can make at home without worry of explosions etc wherein I layered slices of small tomatoes in a ramekin with parmigiano reggiano cheese sliced thin or grated (not out of a can!!). I also put in the middle, a few flakes of fresh oregano and red onions and a little garlic and in the next to last row a bit of prosciutto. Easy to make and fun to look at. I cooked the batch in the oven at 175 centigrade for about 20 minutes. In mine, I added some of my home grown peperoncino, but that is for those of us who like a little spice in their lives.
Not all in life is happy, however, and yesterday I got news that a good friend in KC was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, so I would appreciate those of you who are prayers like me, to keep him in your prayers, hoping for a cure or remission. Grazie mille!!!
The pictures today are of another sunset, night time in the Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli, before and after surgery pix and Offida from another angle, my little nearby citta'.
Ciao dds PS, all the blue came out of the bedspread, so i did learn a thing or two from my pop

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