sabato 9 maggio 2009

"Italian Dream"

Friends of Nascondiglio di Bacco
This will be a different type of post as we were thinking the other day about the wonderful offerings of our region in the Marche.  We have a type of beauty and little treasures found nowhere else in Italy.  Small romantic towns, traditional artisans and cities of art and museums, historic universities and prestigious theaters.  The Marche is a region of picturesque hills separating the closely spaced Apeninine mountains and the Adriatic sea, inhabited by the "most truly Italian" people in the country who embrace the traditional and the modern.
For this reason and many others, the little town of Montelparo, just 30 minutes northeast of Nascondiglio di Bacco was chosen as a site for Belgian and Dutch reality shows wherein the 4 couples are given their "Italian Dream", a chance to open and try and run successfully a little bed and breakfast in the Marche.  In 13 shows, the contestants mus try and learn the language, become involved in the local city, become autonomous and work and grow the business of the B&B.  The winner is chosen by the citizens of Montelparo.
The program has had a great success and awaits the next edition and in addition has provided an impetus for the Belgians and Dutch to vacation here.  I was surprised to see all the new reservations from the "Low Countries" and finally asked a caller why she had chosen the Marche and she then told me the story of this reality show. This gives us a little push and incentive to try as those contestants to improve day by day our offerings and service and hospitality here at Nascondiglio di Bacco.  I am thrilled to have this new avenue from the north bringing us guests to our undiscovered gem of the Marche and hope, if all goes well, to develop and grow our clientele from other countries as well.

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