martedì 19 febbraio 2008

Before pix of the upcoming vineyard

19 feb. 2008

Ciao a tutti, Time for a bit of "flight of ideas" from Nascondiglio di Bacco.
Here are the photos I took today as the planters were laying out the vineyard. I spent all day pruning olive trees which is fun (you get to climb trees!), but tiring. From there I could listen to the guys as they worked and I couldn't understand a word. All in Romanian.
Bacco helped out by leaving fertilizer in the field which we need almost as much as rain.
We are currently picking out tile to place around the pool and in front of the agriturismo in the summer breakfast area which right now is filled will ugly white gravel.
Tomorrow off also to buy some trees and plants to fill in the empty spots a bit. Probably a lemon and orange tree as well as ornamental shrubs.
My sis-in-law found my driver's license so I have one less worry when I head back to the states to fight with the consulate.
Sorry it is so cold back home. I hear from Larry it has snowed 21 times in KC this year. Maybe I misunderstood, but I don't ever remember that many accumulations of snow in my life. In contrast, today we reached a bit above 50 degrees with beautiful clear skies. Send a bit of snow or rain our way. (Sounds like a repeat of my begging from last summer, huh?)
The pictures show the freshly plowed land below the b and b, all smooth and ready for barbatelli (rootstock). The lower portion will have Pecorino grapes in lines from left to right and in slightly angled rows down the hill will be all of the red varieties. A bit over an acre will be bare this year and will be planted next year with another white variety which is a cross between Verdicchio and Sauvignon Blanc.

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