lunedì 5 novembre 2007

more Fall fotos and a bit of begging

5 nov.
These are pictures taken yesterday and show some of the Fall colors of our vineyard, snow on the mountains, a growing Bacco and a misty valley below us.
Congratulations and best of luck to the graduating masters at UNISG in marketing and journalism!!
We are almost full for New Year's Eve at Nascondiglio di Bacco having received reservations for 5 families yesterday!
And now, I have a favor to ask to all those who have stayed with Raffaele and I this year or even just came by to see us. If you enjoyed your visit with us (don't you love the qualifier?), we would really love to have you post your comments on Trip Advisor ( or Many people use that site to decide where to stay when they visit a new region. Thanks a million for following our blog and for your comments. Today, I will start looking in earnest for a nice swimming pool design for the back yard. Feel free to send me suggestions.

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