domenica 4 novembre 2007

4 november,Autumn at N. di Bacco

Hello everyone and welcome to our change in seasons. With Autumn, the colors have finally started to change, 1st the grape leaves, but also the pyrocantha and maybe next year you will find some pomegranate and persimmon trees here which are really beautiful this time of year. I drove to Umbria a few days ago and the foliage colors in the mountains at the border with the Marche rival New England. Unfortunately, I drove there on a rainy day and came back after it was dark, but it may merit another visit just to show you some photos of the oranges, reds and yellows I saw.
After about 2 months of drying on the cables, we "reharvested" the white grapes, now raisins, and with 6 cassettes full, we started the pressing with a machine they call a torchio. It is a simple but effective screw lever device which you are sure is going to explode with the pressure, but lo, it held together and we succeeded in extracting about 45 liters I think. When we were finished as you see we had just a half full torchio, having reloaded it 3 times. The juice was incredibly sweet as you can imagine! Prior to pressing the white grapes, we poured the now fully fermented red wine into the french barrel which we unfortunately couldn't quite fill, so to protect the wine from oxidation we inserted pastiche which emit an inert gas which, being heavier than oxygen will sit on the surface and form a barrier against oxidation.
Bacco is getting bigger, longer, taller and soon, nothing on any table or cabinet will be safe if I am not nearby. I will save some pictures of him for the next post. I hope Autumn where you are is also beautiful and we hope to see you soon!

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