venerdì 19 ottobre 2007

pix sent from the usa

20 ottobre
Here are some fotos from our friends John and Dolores in america. The dog on his 1st day, kitchen work, putting the olives under salt and all of us in the mess hall.
Another quiet day as I am trying like crazy to figure out how to turn the heat on around here. I will be fine, but I think our guests might like some warmth.
It is not like america where you just have one switch to flip, Here I turned 4 valves and turned on a circuit breaker. Still doesn't seem much like heat although it smells a little like heat. Beh, as we say in italy!
Last night I hosted dinner for 3 Dutch and one americana and we opened a very nice 93 Brunello. Too bad, one of a kind purchased from
Next week, we will press the vin santo, I think, and on the wine making front, we have finally decided on the rootstock and clones for the planting in November.
Now we will see if they are available in the quantities we need.
A dopo. dds

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