martedì 25 settembre 2007


25 settembre.
Be sure to check out the next 3 posts all from today with more photos of cheese and Eataly. I took a little break from driving during the 4.5 hour trek back from Bra and finally visited the beautiful cathedral in Loreto which can be seen for miles in all directions as it sits conspicuously on top of a hill near the ocean and A14, the autostrada. The legend states when the traditionally recognized house of Mary in Nazareth was in danger of being destroyed by the Muslims (the above ground structure, as the subterranean structure is still in Nazareth), angels transported the stones to Loreto with I think a side trip to Croatia. Now it is widely accepted as near truth that a rich family paid to have it transported to the Marche and reconstructed and in the following years, the cathedral was built around it. Anyway, it is very beautiful inside and out.
I have placed some photos of the front of the Cathedral, the piazza with its fountain, and the rose window inside. Also, from the hill of Loreto one also sees the promontory of Conero, to the north which is famous for a beautiful secluded beach, bird migration site and eponymous wines. All in all, the city is worth a 2 hour visit if you are coming our way. Enjoy! dwight

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