martedì 27 settembre 2011

La sala di degustazione e' quasi pronto!

7 September,
I have been taking care of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot wines, which are the only 2 not pressed thus far.  The analyses of the first wines make me laugh as the alcohol content for the Merlot is over 16 and the Pecorino 15.7!  The Montepulciano harvest will be Saturday and that will finish the work in the vineyard for the year.  Then comes the olive harvest the following week as everything this year is about 2 weeks ahead of last year.
Here are the photos of the almost finished tasting rooms.
last March


I have swept and mopped the floors of the tasting room, put together 14 chairs and 2 tables from Ikea,
the main hall

some of the views from inside

the marble bar will go in front of the stools

the winter wine tasting station

the future kitchen

bought another 2 tables from my Thailand connection, and the fancy lamp from Germany has its first "note" written by my american guests from Fernwood, CA.

 Today, I finished picking up all the empty cigarette packages, plastic tubing, wood and brick pieces, and the rest of the trash the construction workers have thrown out in the last 20 months.  Then, I  cleaned all the windows, which was quite the job as there was old paint splashed on them, stickers to remove and a few months of dust.  The pictures need to be hung and the marble bar needs to be mounted, but the latter 2 are scheduled for tomorrow and voila'.
view from the "kitchen"

table for 8?

finally the doors are on

I think it is time to have a pre-inauguration party on Saturday night for all the folks who helped me pick the grapes this year!

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pinguil ha detto...

Complimenti sembra tutto molto bello!! Altra conquista raggiunta.. Altro sogno realizzato!

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